LUXURY PAINTS has a strong commitment to sustainable development. Our aim is to ensure that our products, services and operations achieve our intended environmental objectives.

We are committed to environmental improvement, increased workplace health and safety awareness and the prevention of pollution in both our operations and products. We work with customers, suppliers, government bodies and the community to develop innovative products and manufacturing operations that:

  • Minimise all types of environmental degradation through operational control.
  • Develop lower VOC coating products.
  • Provide long service life-cycles in quality products

Within the operations of our manufacturing plants and outlets we:

  • Give health, safety and environmental considerations when developing new products.
  • Continually review existing products for possible improvements in workplace health and safety and the possible reductions of hazardous environmental impact.
  • By improving operational efficiency, we strive to minimise environmental degradation.
  • Ensure employees comply with all environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • Develop paint related products that can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of in a safe manner.
  • Give advice to customers on the safe use, storage, transportation and disposal of our products.
  • Continually improve performance through training, management review, research and development and consultation with staff and the community.
  • Communicate our Environmental Policy and Health & Safety Policy to employees, contractors and customers as well as making this information available to the general public.

LUXURY PAINTS has positive environmental ideals and improved user safety considerations. 

These are reflected in our product range development with the introduction of water based anti-graffiti coatings, water based heat reflective coatings and an extensive range of water based coatings for architectural and industrial purposes.

Luxury Paints Management