Please visit a store near you to view the Australian Brush with Colour Range. Colour cards and swatches available in store. For your convenience, sample pots are available.

An Australian Brush with Neutrals….

Inspired by the earthy tones of the red centre of Australia.

Neutrals are warm and earthy colours that can be used as a background colour or accent as they highlight other colours.
Try colours such as Under the Sun, Australian Adventure and Stone Edge.

An Australian Brush with Yellows….

Inspired by the sun, surf and sand on the beaches of Australia.
Yellows represent joy and happiness and are best used as a highlight colour.

Try colours such as Sun Ray, Sunny at Heart and Acapulco Gold.

An Australian Brush with Blues…

Inspired by the tranquil ocean views of the coastlines of Australia.
Blues are calming colours that depict the air, sky and water.

Try colours such as Swirling Water, Coastal Cruise and Drop Anchor.

An Australian Brush with Whites…

Inspired by the snowy peaks on the mountain ranges of Australia.
Whites are pure colours that depict cleanliness.
White is useful as a background colour as it highlights other accent colours.

Try colours such as Snow Mass, Lilies of the Valley and Powderhorn.

An Australian Brush with Greens…..

Inspired by the lush greenery in the tropical rainforests of Australia.
Greens are calm and soothing colours that depict nature such as trees and grass. Greens help bring the outdoors inside.

Try colours such as Fresh Moss, Mossy Log and Tinge of Green.

An Australian Brush with Bright Colours….

Inspired by the vivid hues of the coral reefs of Australia.
Vivids are strong, bright colours suggested for use as feature wall colours only.

Try colours such as Shocking Sunset, Atlantic Blue and Good as Gold.